Lace Wedding Dresses To Romanticize Your Perfect Event

Romance is the ultimate signifying factor in every wedding. The beauty of the bridal wedding dress can be heightened with the use of simple romantic elements. Designers all over the world have significantly popularized lace as one of the finest elements in fabric detailing which can create a beautiful effect for most dresses. Lace wedding dresses are forever in demand. Yet, a bride might have a hard time finding the perfect lace dress for her wedding, amongst the many styles and designs in the market, if she is not clear about what suits her and what exactly should she looking for.

Why you should choose a lace wedding dress for your wedding

Of the many reasons that you should choose a lace wedding dress, here are a few that really stand out from the crowd.

Timeless classic fashion

The lace style is timeless. It has been used by generations of women right from the Edwardian era to the current century. The detailing is a classic look that goes with most sophisticated bridal designs. You can find many ways in which the contemporary designers have been using the fabric to bring alive designs which otherwise might be too straight-laced or unembellished.

Romantic touch to your wedding

The romance of the Victorian era is alive with the touch of the lace to your wedding dresses 2013. Many designers have been using the fabric to create a nostalgic semblance to various favorite designs. You can actually choose dress designs that closely resemble royal bridal designs from various eras. The romance of the royal weddings can very much be a part of your wedding, if with nothing else, than just a touch of a whimsical design.

Adding an essence of femininity to your bridal look

The dresses of the contemporary fashion world have a very androgynous look and feel to them. Most dresses now have unsymmetrical hemlines, or various modern fashion traits that can take away from the basic charm of your wedding day. Now, you can always keep with the modern design times but it is a special day when you are in a way celebrating your femininity. Keeping this in mind, a lace detailing can be the softer touch that can translate even the staunchest of dress designs to feminine beauty.

Sophisticated vintage appeal

Vintage charm is never lost, especially on people who know the value of the “something old” on their wedding day. Many dress designers can help you with this element. Just look for specialist designers who specifically work with the restoration of old bridal dresses. You can very well incorporate their help to restore the bridal dress that might be in your family since generations. If you have a particular design in mind, which has a vintage appeal but you do no t own the dress, you can commission a close replica of the dress from the designer. Lace has been quite a favored detail of old world- dresses, so the chances are huge that adding this simple detail can make your dress more authentic to the time you want.

Halter Prom Dresses

Prom night is every teenager’s dream. And while the occasion of a prom means everyone dressing up in his or her finest garb, a halter prom dress is a little tricky and daring. A halter dress needs to be tried on to see if your comfortable in it and also to make sure you get a exquisite dress with a grand style at an affordable price. A halter cut dress is deemed a classic and has been worn by many a pretty lass. However not everyone can carry it well.

If you are really keen on wearing a halter prom dress and are unsure, relax, as there are more than ten unique designs to a halter prom dress. Firstly visit a store which has plenty of cuts and textures to choose from and which will alter the dress for you to fit you snugly. Pick a dress which reflects your personality yet don’t get lost in the most popular dress style as someone else might wear the same dress and carry it off better than you. One of the trendiest designs girls choose is the metallic halter prom dress which both flatters the body and can win you oodles of adulations from all your friends.

Most halter prom dresses have an asymmetric cut straight down the side, showing off your smooth silky legs. The beaded silk halter dress looks classy on girls who are a little curvier, giving them the sophisticated look. While most girls prefer pink and fuchsia colours on their prom night, choose a colour which heightens your complexion and accentuates your features. A silk halter dress with a scoop neckline adds modesty and a hint of daring to your character. Add a long thing gold chain to draw attention to your neckline.

A loose halter dress makes the body look slimmer. Adding a stole to the dress is another way to try a new and different look. Wearing your hair up and having little curls falls on your face will add to the glamour of the halter dress. When shopping for the dress take a friend along with you who knows your tastes and isn’t afraid to tell you how the halter dress looks on you. Walk around; take a look at the back of the dress and try on as many as you want till you find the right one for you.

Choose the Finest Social Occasion Dresses

You would like to wear a social occasion dress on a social event. It is designed for you to wear a special day. Social occasions are people gathering where every member of the society is joining the party. To look best in this crowd you need a designer social occasion dresses. In a social event you can choose a dress of your choice to wear. Some special occasion dresses that are easily found in stores are prom dresses, Gowns, Formal dresses, evening dresses, cocktail dresses, party dresses, flower girl dresses, baptism dresses and many others. For any occasion that you are joining in your life, this is a simple advice for you: always remember not to stress on things like dresses or related stuff. You can visit a store and shop. These stuffs are easily available in stores or can be ordered online at your convenience. In store social occasion dresses and accessories are available and you can pick any of your choice.

To get some tips from shopping resources or beauty experts is advisable as they are professionals who are aware of such things. Suppose you have to visit a social event this evening and you have not prepared for it well before the function begins. Now at this point, leave your tension and visit a store to get all in one shop of your choice. If you have some days time before the social event, you can search the dresses online. Now online shopping is much easier and also delivered within a day or two. You have the convenience of shopping at home sitting before your computer and searching for a beautiful dress. When you are searching you need to specify your size, the color of the dress you wish. If your preferred color is not available then you only have the option to choose from available dresses. You can also order for your preferred choice of dress to them which if possible will be sent to your given address.

If you want to look best in your attractive dress you need to get it well designed. Let your dress be designed on demand which should be unique in color, fabric. The work done on it should be exclusively and then you can expect to get good comments from the viewers. A good designer who has expertise in designing wonderful dresses is best to be hired. Before you allow your dress to be designed get consent whether it adds your persona. Even you can choose a social occasion dress from the available one which is available with the designer. To some of you, you find yourself confused in choosing the best dress. For this you can shop with your colleagues or family members who will definitely advise you in buying the best dress. Try the outfit before you make final payment for the dress. If you find some problem like the size is not exactly covering your body or else, get it altered instantly. This will make you well prepared in advance and also lets you avoid last minute problems. Dress well and look most fascinating.

Maxi Dresses – Great at Any Time of Year

Maxi dresses are very comfortable. With several styles and patterns to choose from, they make the perfect summer outfit. They are easy to move around in and are incredibly soft. From casual dates to Sunday brunches, these dresses are designed for convenience. There are specialty lines that concentrate on the needs of women. Whether it’s a night at the opera or visiting an art museum, they cater to all occasions and events. It’s known for its stylish appearance, yet the dress is conventional in many ways. You can wear it practically anywhere and showcase the long flowing patterns.

Maxi dresses are known to turn heads and is a must-have item. With a variety of shapes and colors, they bring out the natural beauty of a woman. They are also great for traveling or on vacation. The loose material helps to keep cool in the summer. The dresses can be strapless, halter, or contain extravagant collars. No matter your preference, the dress is sure to enhance your appearance. As popular clothing, they are sold at a variety of online and physical stores. With all major brand names, you can find a dress that best suits your personality. From captivating designs to enriching colors, this dress will accentuate your wardrobe in many ways.

They also go well with jewelry, shoes, and accessories. Since they are mass-produced, there is something for everybody. Whether you need a slick dark dress for that romantic dinner, or a bright ensemble, maxi dresses will facilitate all your needs. They are dazzling yet practical dresses. From daytime shopping to evening events, they are multi-purpose garments with a touch of class. Enjoy the latest maxi fashions at affordable rates. A wide assortment of dresses can also be purchased at discounted rates. All you need to do is find that special promotion or sale. These can be found in fashion circulars or at online clothing venues.

Maxi dresses incorporate contemporary designs. From floral patterns to geometric shapes, they are cultivated from the finest artistic impressions. Women from all over the world have praised their exquisite designs. As fine apparel, they cater to a broad range of women looking for one-of-a-kind dresses. They are fashionable clothes that are truly appealing. Another attraction of the dress is the embroidery. These creations really stand out from the rest. They specialize in capturing the trends, but still offer comfort and convenience. In addition, the long flowing material is purely elegant and made to perfection. If you are looking to update your collection, this is surely the dress for you.

Maxi dresses are always evolving with newer and dashing styles. They work well with other clothes, such as light sweaters, hats, and jackets. Fashion statements in the truest sense, the dresses are a bridge between formal and casual wear. With new lines appearing constantly, the demand for innovative wear is truly being met. You no longer have to worry about dresses that fit a particular occasion. With maxi dresses, wear them where you please and achieve your desired results.

One Shoulder Dresses – Springs Latest Fashion Trend

Each year there are brand new trends that take the fashion industry to new levels, This spring is no different and there are some great trends that are hitting the department stores. One shoulder dresses are the newest type of dress to come out this spring, by creating a new luxurious yet elegant style. These dresses help portray an elegant, yet flirty type of look with a wonderful representation of spring. You won’t miss this year’s style, no matter how far out of the loop you may be.

You are probably starting to get your spring party invitations, regardless of the upcoming party there are many colors and styles that you can choose from. As the streets begin to take the color of spring, the colorful hues will be among us. Until right now mostly celebs have been known to wear one shoulder dresses. Mainstream is here, and the shoulder dress is now something everyone can wear. This trend we don’t see disappearing anytime soon. The convenience and beauty of one shoulder dresses practically guarantees there success.

A one shoulder dress is just what spring has called for. You can show a beautiful portrait and silhouette, while looking elegant and fresh. This dress represents sophistication at its finest, providing wonderful colors and styles. For example, pink one shoulder dresses, high low hem shoulder dresses, empire waist one shoulders. The list goes on and on, the designs have begun to move into a situation where they can be used, day or night, night or day.

So what is the best occasion to show off your dress? These dresses should be only worn at proms, cocktail parties, dinner partiers and other similar arrangements. These are not meant to be worn in very conservative type of arrangements as they are more revealing than what would be alright in such a professional type of arrangement. Shoulder dresses should ultimately be worn in settings that are less formal.

One other thing that you need to think of is the bra that you will be wearing with this dress, as they are shoulderless on one side. Therefore strapless bras are the best solution when wearing with this dress. Backless bras could also work, although they aren’t recommended. A normal bra will make you the talk of the party, and not in a good way.

Choosing the right accessories is also paramount when getting the right look and feel. Purchase bright colored necklaces and accessories to draw the attention to your upper body. Make sure that you don’t hide the reason you bought a shoulderless dress by drawing attention on the upper part of your body by accessories. Finally make sure that the dress fits well, a shoulderless dress that doesn’t fit properly is a recipe for a disaster. You need to wear the right size dress to pull of the best type of results.

Silk Dress – Look Beautiful in Silk

You finally found the perfect silk dress – the one that you’ve always envisioned, come to life right before you in the boutique window. Silk is an ideal fabric for the warmer months of the year, and any woman will tell you that the feel of silk makes you feel nothing but sexy. But after you get it home and wear it once for that big occasion that you had planned, do you know how to properly care for it? Let’s look at how you can keep your silk dress and other silk garments looking beautiful for years to come.


When choosing a dress made of silk, be sure to select the appropriate size because a silk garment that is too small will “give” a bit, but it will cause the garment to sag and eventually, it will look less than appealing. Most garments (with the exception of those that are handmade) will contain a laundering tag, right behind the size tag on the neck of the garment or on the inside bodice.

It is important to follow the specific directions for laundering your dress that you will on this tag. Most dresses made of silk will require that you send the dress out to the dry cleaners to be professionally cleaned. And keep in mind, if you are careful with the dress, you won’t need to launder it after each wear. In fact, many women will tell you that they only launder their finest silks when it becomes a complete necessity. Most silk garments, with the exception of lingerie and underwear, cannot be machine washed if they are 100% silk; blended fabrics may be machine washed if the garment label states as much – but be sure to use the “delicate” or “gentle” cycle and allow to air dry. Never spray cologne or perfume onto your silk garments; some perfumes contain oils that can stain the fabric and that cannot be removed.

Storing Your Dress

You can preserve the beauty of your expensive dress by properly storing it. First of all, never hang silk or other garments from wire hangers. These types of hangers can pick up on any moisture in the room and rust, over time. This can stain your silk and destroy it; rust stains cannot be removed. Opt instead for wooden hangers, or plastic hangers. Do not put your silk dress into a plastic bag (such as the one that covers your dress when it is returned from the dry cleaner). Silk is an organic fiber, and as such, it needs to “breathe”.

With proper care, laundering and storage, your silk dress will provide you with many years of enjoyment!

Fancy Dress: The Love Of Masquerade

Children do it as a matter of course, are encouraged to role-play. But adults of all ages & backgrounds can be ardent devotees of this most human of inclinations. The ‘cross-dressing’ male is often viewed by Frenchmen as an English eccentricity; until we recall the pre-revolutionary France & its’ wig-adorning, make-up plastered aristocracy. Or 1930s Berlin with its’ hedonistic cabaret & erotica; a culture steeped in transgender theatrics. Or consider 1980s Italy with the largest population of transsexuals in Europe. Such historical perspectives shed much light on what appears to be a strangely normal, universal human need for masquerade & role playing. It sits deep within our formal & not-so-formal traditions.

If we look to early Roman times, and to the writings of popular historians of the time such as Suetonius & Cicero, we discover to our amusement how emperors such as Caligula & Nero would often dress as vagabonds in order to enjoy Rome’s seedier underbelly. The Roman Saturnalia festival was a week-long orgy of food, sex & wine in which slaves would dress as their masters, bedecked with the finest jewelry & togas, to be waited upon by their masters who would be dressed as slaves. In Medieval times the Venetian aristocracy would hold Masked Balls requiring attendees to hide their identity. In the cut-throat world of Italian politics, with families such as the infamous Medici engaged in all manner of internecine treachery & rivalry, it was wise to keep ones’ indiscretions safely hidden behind a mask. In this context, the practice of fancy dress would have been a security measure rather than some playful indulgence.

In Britain, the Victorian & Edwardian eras were renowned for their fancy-dress parties, no doubt part of that old European tradition so prominent in France & Italy. But this was only the highest socio-economic strata of society & reflected the formalities & fineries of Royal courts.

Fancy dress as a practice of the ordinary citizenry probably has its’ roots in the ancient pagan festivals & religions, where animalistic deities would be invoked by a costumed shaman, to symbolize discourse with an expression of a particular natural energy. In China the Dragon is a popular entity which is part of contemporary Chinese festivals. Such anthropomorphism – the assigning of animal characteristics to people – is very much a part of the ancient Egyptian religions & rituals. The modern Halloween tradition, adopted by America, actually originated from Celtic traditions. The 31st of October for them portended a time when the spirits of the dead were at their most potent & threatening. To scare away these spirits people dressed as zombies.

Here in the 21st century, the practice of fancy dress has become more of an amusement, stripped of all the older formalities. It remains popular among many people of all walks. It introduces the theatrical into our lives, makes us larger than life. Its’ a ‘step out of context’, an absurd parodying of the participants’ ‘normal’ self which is enjoyed in the spirit of play. It can be an expression of our sexuality, or how we may idealize that sexuality. It enables us to play with the idea of our personality, of our identity knowing we can safely return. In 1970s Britain the love of costumes even found its’ way into the mainstream media, as shown by the popularity of both Glam Rock, with its’ ersatz space-suit glitter & outrageous make-up, boots & hats, & also Disco with its’ extravagant suits & huge hair. At the time, the country was enduring political & economic crises which no doubt gave rise to the mass-escapism found in the fashion of the time.

Fancy dressing was prominent again in the 1980s, where it was evident as an important element of the New Romantic movement. This had begun in London’s’ club land as an answer to the grey, gloomy post-industrial depression of the times. The emphasis was upon cross-dressing, extravagant use of make-up, one-off chic-designer clothes based on artistic rather than practical merit, colour & deliberate humourless pouting. Chief protagonists of this sentiment were acts such as Boy George, Japan & Steve Strange.

Among the British public, the growth of ‘costume parties’ has increased significantly since the 1940s. Higher standards of living, higher wages & increased leisure & expectations in a consumer-boom have allowed a sense of frivolity & mock-decadence to permeate pleasure-time for many people. From the 1990s onward there has been a boom in the sales of manufactured costumes, fed by an unending array of characters from the Film & Music industries. This has meant that the fancy-dress party has now diversified completely, incorporating themes such as ‘The 80s’ or ‘Star Wars’. Richard O’Brien’s ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ still tours world-wide, featuring as part of its’ act audience fancy-dress & participation. Madonna’s spiked boob-tube is a popular item for today’s fancy-dressers (men or women!), as are Darth Vader & Rambo costumes. Among certain younger British royals & some Tory MPs, the uniform of the Nazi Afrika Korps seems to be the costume of choice.

While some parties are very specific in their imagery & theme others may be more generalized. Its’ really down to the vastness of wit & imagination. Often, attendees may go as a piece of fruit or some inanimate object rather than a pop-star or movie character. Examples of the more specified would include The New York Anime Festival, where attendees go as characters from animated films. ‘Anime’ is a film-genre that originated in Japan on the wave of popularity of the Manga films.

In London there are events such as The Great Gorilla Run, which entails a thousand people dressed in gorilla costumes marching through the city to raise money for endangered species. A great example of public-spirited fancy-dress benefitting other causes. It seems to be a British tradition; the BBC’s ‘Red Nose Day’ & Children In Need’ both involve much fancy dress. The famous BBC-sponsored Monty Python team were notorious for their transvestism.

It seems that whatever the theme, a costume can be found for it. The Internet, via YouTube, can now make ones’ characterizations globally public. With media so widely available the ordinary public can re-create just about any character they choose. It can help us unwind, or enable us to act more boldly, or break the ice with new work-mates, or simply function as a vehicle of wish-fulfillment. It can add colour & comedy to a 21st birthday, or a wedding, or just about any occasion. As social mores have become less formal, so the appetite for the more colourful mode of partying has grown, driven by the ease of exposure online. Peoples’ need for fancy-dress remains universal; perhaps more so today than it ever was.

Prom Dresses Under $100

Finding a budget friendly dream dress out of the many expensive prom dresses, can leave you anxious before your prom. Your parents will be equally apprehensive for you and make all efforts to afford your dream dress. You can help your parents with a little bit of researching before you go for the shopping spree. There is just no need to break the bank and go beyond limits for a dress that you will wear for one day of Prom celebration. Pretty and gorgeous outfits are available online under $100 thus making it very affordable deal on a dream attire.

Below is a list of dress styles that you can search for and explore in websites and get them at a budget friendly price:-

Mesh Layered Dresses

Dresses made of mesh fabric material look very classy and are usually in shorter length reaching to the knees. These have embroidered detailing in ‘Bandeau style’ and with inner lining. The detachable and adjustable straps make it versatile and comfortable to wear. Find them at prices less than $100. Similarly triple mesh layered dresses with sequins and lace design dress to go for under the $100 price tag.

Rosette Accented dresses

Explore Rosette style dresses with the greatest appeal especially for its price that goes under $100. This outfit is readily available in the many sexy prom dresses available today. The length goes to the thighs or can fall just on your knees and are just perfect for Cocktails, Prom and Homecoming. Mainly in a sweetheart neckline, this style can have a bubble hem and ruffles with the rosettes. Made in shimmer satin, this a short prom dress, extremely gorgeous and very affordable.

Taffeta Bubble Party Dress

Taffeta is in trend with a bubble skirt to add a difference to the style. Taffeta fabric for sexy prom dresses goes lighter on the body and comfortable for summers. The V-neck line with double neck ruffle add much of a difference to the style and appeal of the dress. The ruffles go back the neckline giving it an exquisite look to go for formal occasions like Prom and Cocktails.

Explore online and get your deal on silk taffeta ‘ruched’ short prom dresses, midnight blue rhinestone embellished neck dresses, ‘chiffon bandeau’ dress in Lemon and satin ‘midi bandeau’ style for a compressed look around the bust covering. The Internet is the best resort to finest collection under $100 to let your dream find its wings. Explore innumerable innovations on the inexpensive styles mentioned above. Look for websites with the above mentioned styles in your favorite online search to get into the world that fulfills your dream of having an exclusive piece or something like it in less than $100.

All Alluring and Custom Made – The Finest From Wholesale Dresses Online

You want it custom made for your wedding or prom and find it way too expensive to go with the budget you have. Why not go inexpensive with your selection and have it custom made? Custom made dresses can take your breath away and apparel shopping websites specialize in it to bring the best one can have in style at a wholesale affordable price. Online apparel websites can give you the best deals and bargains for custom making your dresses according to your style criteria.

Designer sections online have the option to order custom made, wholesale wedding dresses for brides and formal party dresses superlative for bridesmaids in immaculate U-necklines, spaghetti straps, without straps, dresses with ball gown silhouetted skirts, halter corset bodice and many more authentic yet modern designs. Customers can get the list of designs, consult the couture fashion expert and get them made for ultimate makeovers. If you are the bridesmaid or want to gift unique bridesmaid dress to your friends, then get them dresses customized according to their needs. It will be affordable and exclusive with custom made order of immaculate wholesale wedding dresses.

Online custom made new arrival prom dresses and gowns have sleek designs with sexy slits. For this year the tube tops with overlaying of English nets, bodices of the dresses having unique texture and different fabric into one dress are available with the option to customize. Prom outfits with satin lined chiffon fabric are main attractions. Some of the prom attires are also complimented by matching shawls.

Wedding couture stylists and prom dress manufacturers online are creating new styles at wholesale prices. The stylists online, provide with best advice on how to customize preferences and have them very affordable for formal events. These manufactures are aware of dresses affordable with opportunities to dress elegantly in budget prices. Couture specialists have wholesale stock available with custom size and color charts and other customized option and personalized recommendation for a style, design, fabric, silhouette and other things to consider depending on personal body structures.

Custom made dresses thereby, bring in the easy way out for guaranteed affordable shopping through wholesale dresses with custom fit size and designs to bring out sophistication and beauty and the final makeover for formal events. Place orders online through the toll-free numbers given on most websites that sell wholesale dresses and also offer customized option to give you dresses tailored made exclusively for you.

Black Wedding Dresses: A History, and a Guide

Marriage-it is a social union between two people who love each other. And marriage is formalized by one of life’s most exciting events-the wedding ceremony. Whether it’s a simple civil union or a grand church event, one of the most important things to consider and decide upon, is the wedding dress.

By definition, the wedding dress is the clothing worn by a bride in her wedding ceremony. Everyone’s eyes are always feasted upon the beautiful and glowing bride in her marvelous wedding attire. Choosing the perfect wedding dress is the most enticing yet stressful part of any wedding preparation.

By tradition, wedding gowns are usually seen in white and in Victorian styles and silhouettes. However, with the ever evolving modern times, many brides break tradition. But where did this custom of the big white wedding gown begin?

Throughout the span of time, over hundreds of years, marriage has been a social and political institution that established rights and obligations between two people. And the wedding ceremony has always been an event for the couple to show off their riches and social status. During the Middle Ages, donning white wedding gowns was not the custom. Brides actually chose to wear the most expensive and most exquisite fabrics they could afford, to flaunt their wealth. Many women wore heavily embroidered silk, brocade, fur, and velvet. Wealthy brides spared no expense when it came to their wedding gowns. Those who belonged to lower social classes usually opted to use their finest dresses rather than have something new made.

However, this changed during 1840, after the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert of Saxe. Queen Victoria had these elaborate and exquisite white lace she received as gifts and wanted to use them for her wedding gown. So she opted to wear a white gown with the lace embellished all over it. During that period, white actually symbolized wealth, and not purity or virginity, which was actually represented by the color blue, based on the Virgin Mary. The wedding’s official photograph was heavily published in Europe, and it became so popular that many brides across the continent followed suit. The trend then flourished in other Western cultures.

Today, wearing a white, Victorian inspired wedding gown is the most common choice for most brides in Western cultures. Other nations such as Eastern cultures like Japan and China, wear their traditional costumes as their wedding dresses. But when you think about a wedding dress, the image that comes to mind is always the strapless white ball gown that almost every bride is wearing.

But with the changing times, the changing roles and priorities of women have also changed. Women are getting married in their later years, rather than their early 20’s where they are just starting out their careers. Today, most women get married in their late twenty’s or early thirty’s. And the choice for wedding gowns have dramatically changed. Of course in most Catholic nations, the white Victorian wedding gown is still the number one choice, but several styles and colors have also become increasingly popular.

Take for example the notorious black wedding dress. Black is usually associated with mourning. Many people believe that when wedding guests wear black to a wedding ceremony, it represents their opposition to the union. Some people believe that it symbolizes the bride’s mourning for her independence. Black is associated with morbid symbolism and being sad and eerie. In Spain, however, it is customary for them to wear black on their wedding day, as it symbolizes their love for their grooms till death. A lot of things can be associated with the color black, but these are all changing. Many women of today actually consider donning a black wedding gown for their wedding day.

It is becoming a popular trend in wedding gowns because of several reasons. One is that it defies tradition. Most women today want something different for their wedding day. They want to stand out and they want to be remembered. Black wedding gowns convey elegance and sophistication. Wearing black represents being strong-willed and thinking outside of the box. It is a bold statement that will surely raise eyebrows from the Aunts and the Moms-the older generations-but it will be something that they will surely remember.

Another reason for choosing black wedding gowns is it could be economical. Sure, brides want their wedding gowns to be specially made for them, so special that they only use it for one occasion. But in today’s economy, many couples want to cut costs. And a lot of women would actually want to be able to use such an expensive dress to other events, like maybe a Black Tie or a Ball party.

One very popular and most celebrated bridal gown designer who surprised everyone with her Bridal gown fashion show themed “Witchcraft,” is Vera Wang. For her Fall 2012 Bridal Gown collection, she sent down seven beautiful black wedding gowns down the runway. Her use of delicate black lace, tulle, and organza on beautiful long gowns of black was refreshing. She has been known to use neutral colors like white, ecru, and ivory but the black gowns made brides think twice about donning the traditional white wedding gown. She showed black wedding gowns in every silhouette possible-mermaid, A-line, hourglass. Those dresses were surely memorable.

While Vera Wang’s gowns have a feminine and ethereal air, one other designer who showed a black wedding gown in his runway show was Oscar dela Renta, for his Spring 2011 Bridal collection. His regal embellished tulle black wedding gown came also as a surprise amongst his ivory gowns.

Famous celebrity designer Marchesa also offers several black gowns that are perfect for weddings. They often have intricately detailed ball gowns that are perfect for the beautiful bride.

When and if you choose to wear a black wedding gown to your wedding ceremony, always keep in mind that donning a black ball gown that covers your skin in too many areas can make it look like a costume. Several women have chosen figure hugging black evening gowns as opposed to the ball gown. If you do opt for the full skirt style, maybe a corset bodice would balance out the whole look.

Black wedding gowns are not for everybody. Always remember to add a touch of your own personality in everything that you wear, most especially your wedding gown. If you’re modern, sophisticated, have a desire to stand out and defy the norm, then the black wedding dress is definitely the dress of choice for you.